Southeast Computer Services
First Class IT Support to Small and Medium Sized Businesses

The Advantage of SECS:




Worry Free Technology Management:  Today’s businesses are challenged with technology which evolves on a seemingly daily basis.  With SOUTHEAST COMPUTER SERVICES handling all your information technology services, you can focus on your core business and leave your infrastructure to us.  We keep you aware of new technologies that will benefit your business and ensure your existing systems are operating at their full potential!

Reduce Your Costs: The cost of a fully qualified technology professional to manage your technology infrastructure is too significant for many small and medium businesses to handle.  SOUTHEAST COMPUTER SERVICES provides the same services a dedicated employee would provide at a significantly reduced cost. 




  • On-Site and Remote System Management
  • Over 25 Years Industry Experience
  • We make your current IT Services more cost effective
  • We allow you to maximize the Investment of your technology
  • Reliable & Responsive
  • Certified Professionals



SOUTHEAST COMPUTER SERVICES is here to support the technology needs of both small business and home users. With our IT Support Contracts, our business clients can rest assured that SOUTHEAST COMPUTER SERVICES will monitor your technology infrastructure and respond to most issues before your users even notice a problem. We offer the ability to remotely administer any component of your infrastructure drastically decreasing the downtime associated with maintenance or system outages. We can resolve many issues remotely in a matter of minutes.

SOUTHEAST COMPUTER SERVICES also offers our excellent level of support to home users. Using the latest in assistance technology our technical support can securely connect to your computer and assist you with most problems. In many cases your computer problem can be resolved in less than 10 minutes!! Rates for our Remote Assistance Service start at only $35 for the first 30 minutes!


Residential Services

As helpful as technology is, we also know that technology can be frustrating. To help you get the most out of your computer, a sample of the services we offer include:

  • Remote Assistance
  • Virus and spyware detection & removal
  • Wireless networking setup and security
  • Data backup assistance
  • System security
  • Computer system installation & setup
  • Computer hardware and software training
  • System upgrades
  • Computer cleanup and tuneup
  • Hardware and software purchasing recommendations

Using the latest in remote assistance technology, we can fix most problems without the need for an on-site visit. Our software allows you to securely connect to our help desk. Watch on your screen as our technicians remotely diagnose and solve your problem.

Business Services

Smooth operation of your business is vital to your bottom line and SOUTHEAST COMPUTER SERVICES is your partner to help you achieve that goal. Our services lower your overall IT cost while boosting your business productivity.

Technology Support and Management:
SOUTHEAST COMPUTER SERVICES offers custom developed IT Service Contracts to support our clients’ technology needs.  We understand that no two clients are alike and each has their own unique technology requirements. 

Technical and Crisis Support:
We understand that issues come up and you need the problem fixed QUICKLY.  We offer our services independent of our IT Service Contracts for those businesses that need immediate or occasional support. Depending on the issue, we may be able to remotely solve your problem saving you time and money!

Web Site Design and Development and Search Engine Optimization:
No business is complete today without a presence on the Internet.  We can utilize the latest in web technologies to provide you with a web site that reflects the vision of your business.

On site Training:  Custom designed classes to meet your exact needs, and delivered on site.  Our rates are far more reasonable than sending employees off site for training that is not tailored to your business.  All we need is a training room that we can set up our computers and projector, or we can work with your equipment.  Your class will be delivered by a certified trainer, or an expert in your area of need.  For general classes on operating systems and Microsoft products we have an MCT/MCSE trainer available. 


Residential Service Rates

We offer both remote and in-home support services. Our remote assistance service is our customers preferred choice of support as we can solve most problems quickly without the need to schedule an on-site visit. Whether your computer isn't working as it should or you simply need some computer guidance, we're here to help you!


  • Improve your computer's performance
  • Secure your computer from Internet threats
  • Fast and hassle free computer support
  • Ease your computer frustration
  • Extend the useable life of your computer hardware and software.


In-Home Rate

$70 per hour


In-home service available everyday, 9:00am to 8:00pm EST.
You are billed for the time our technician is at your location rounded up to the nearest half hour. We do not charge for travel time unless your location is over 30 miles from downtown Charlotte. Travel charge will be based on your location.



Computer Tuneup



Clean, optimize, and protect your computer! This is a one time cleanup service where we will remove all spyware and viruses from your computer in addition to optimizing performance.



Remote Assistance

$35 for the first 30 minutes. $15 per 15 minute increments thereafter.




Call 704-819-1119 or e-mail to schedule your appointment. If available, same day service will be offered.



Visa/MasterCard and American Express, also pay through Paypal.!!


Business Service Rates

As your partner in technology, SOUTHEAST COMPUTER SERVICES can support nearly all technology needs of your business. We know that each business has unique technology needs so we will evaluate your business and develop custom solutions based on your needs and budget. Get your immediate problems resolved fast with our in-office or Remote Assistance service. Take full advantage of SECS with an IT Service Contract that will increase your productivity while lowering your overall technology expense.

Why choose SOUTHEAST COMPUTER SERVICES for your technology needs?

  • Lower your overall IT cost.  Gain the benefits of several IT professionals for less than you would pay for a single payroll employee.
  • Our IT Service Contract helps you to budget your business with predictable monthly IT expenses.
  • Fast response to your support needs.
  • Proven methods for optimizing your computer and network performance.
  • Reduce your employee's frustration with our support staff there for their needs.


Standard Rate

$95 per hour




You are billed for the time our technician is at your location rounded up to the nearest half hour. We do not charge for travel time unless your location is over 30 miles from downtown Charlotte. A travel charge will be calculated based on your location.



Remote Assistance

$35 for the first 30 minutes. Each additional minute billed at $0.99.



Technology Service Contracts

Rates determined based on the technology needs of your business. One year commitment required for all contracts. Please click here for more information on a typical Technology Service Contract.

 Custom Training

As low as $75 per student per day.  Delivered on site, includes custom courseware you keep. 

Business Check, PO, Visa/MasterCard, and American Express accepted for all business services.


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